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β€˜Made my life a living hell’: Tiger’s former mistress breaks silence on sex scandal

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We already have HBO, so I'll probably watch it just for the curiosity. I wouldnt go out of my way to get HBO just to watch it if we didnt though.

tiger 2021 hbo wiki

My wife works nights, so this will kill an evening after she goes to work. BlackDiamondPar5 19 posts. January From what I can tell this is a pretty fair doc.

It is not necessarily nice, but does it need to be? December 31, Sounds like you'll love the show just get to keep re-living someone else's tragedies for personal entertainment. LOL, now will be giving the thread a hard pass and focus on a well deserved putter. December 23, I hope it's mostly about golf. I could care less about his personal life - it's none of my business. This is about Jack? Sorry I had to.

Lol, who are you guys kidding? The "I'm only here for golf" stuff is also missing the point. Dude went from child phenom, to world phenom, to personal life ruin, to Masters Champion Yes, I'd like to hear that story. But we know the story. Except no one really knows the details. We will soon find out hopefully.

If I do get a chance to watch this I will be FF'ing through the scandal stuff. I certainly have no interest in watching an interview with Rachel Uchitel. I get why it would be in the documentary but thanks to DVR's I don't have to watch it.

I follow Tiger for his golf, not who he sleeps with. Think about it. You just lay down on the ground and wallow. Any time I hear Stevie talk, I generally don't watch.CNN There's inevitably a salacious aspect to "Tiger," an HBO documentary about the rise and fall of Tiger Woods, since what happened in Vegas -- and elsewhere -- definitely didn't stay there. Overall, though, this engrossing two-part film captures the forces that shaped the golf legend, renewing appreciation for his staggering talent while waving a cautionary flag regarding how it was forged.

More Videos Tiger Woods: An international career of success At its core, "Tiger" represents the oldest of tales: A child trained from an early age to be extraordinary in a chosen field, while sacrificing many of the usual trappings associated with childhood. Growing up that way can become a prescription for a kind of belated adolescence indulging in the perks of wealth and fame, and under the watchful eyes of an eager media if you trip up. The key figure from that perspective becomes Woods' father, Earlwho turned his golf-playing toddler into a media novelty -- showing off his skills on talk shows -- training him to be the shot-making machine who integrated the stuffy world of professional golf and simultaneously dominated it.

In doing so, Tiger spurred interest in the sport, captivating the imagination of people who had never sat through a tournament before. Journalist Charles Pierce describes Earl as "the original evangelist" of the cult of Tiger, one who described his young son's unifying mission and future in near-messianic terms.

tiger 2021 hbo wiki

Woods became "a cultural phenomenon as well as a sports one," Sports Illustrated's Gary Smith says, before essentially getting devoured by "the maw of celebrity and fame.

Directors Matthew Heineman and Matthew Hamachek work with a producing team that includes the prolific Alex Gibney and Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian, whose book serves as a source for the project. They rekindle appreciation for the jaw-dropping wonder of Woods' golfing rise, before the eventual fall.

Read More. Photos: Tiger Woods: From highs to lows. Tiger Woods clinched his fifth Masters and 15th major title with victory at Augusta in April. Hide Caption. The former world No. Woods won the season-ending Tour Championship in September It was his first title in five years following a succession of back injuries. It followed an impressive showing at July's British Open, where he briefly topped the leaderboard.

Woods made an impressive return to competitive golf in after multiple back surgeries in recent years. He played his first Masters in three years in April The four-time champion had back fusion surgery -- his fourth procedure -- in April and returned to the game pain-free in December.

tiger 2021 hbo wiki

He finished tied 32nd at Augusta. Woods was touted as one of the favorites after impressing in his early-season events. He also set tongues wagging by playing a practice round with old rival Phil Mickelson, right. Woods finished tied second at the Valspar Championship in March and followed it up with a tie for fifth at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. The hype needle moved into overdrive. Woods set out on his legendary path by becoming the youngest winner of the Masters -- at 21 -- with a record shot win in One of his most remarkable feats was winning his first US Open by an unprecedented 15 shots at Pebble Beach, California, insparking a streak never seen before or since.

Woods' victory in the Masters meant he held all four of golf's major titles at the same time, dubbed the "Tiger Slam. Woods' win rate, his dedication to fitness training and his desire to succeed were changing golf. Prize money rocketed because of Woods. Off the course, he married girlfriend Elin Nordegren in Woods showed rare emotion when he broke down in tears on the shoulder of caddie Steve Williams following his win in the British Open at Hoylake, months after his father and mentor Earl passed away.

Despite being visibly hampered and in pain from a knee injury, Woods won the US Open in breathtaking fashion at Torrey Pines, California, in It was his 14th major title to leave him only four behind the record of Jack Nicklaus. He was later diagnosed with knee ligament damage and two fractures of his left tibia.

He missed the rest of the season after surgery.On this IMDbrief - presented by Acura - we explain how an online premiere resulted in a multi-million dollar payday and the Sundance must-see movies to add to your Watchlist.

Watch the video. Need some streaming picks for the month? Here are the buzz-worthy titles you're going to want to mark on your calendar. After an eleven year professional drought influenced by his infidelity and physical injuries, the golfing legend uses his second chance to climb back to the top. A look at the life, success and scandals of golf legend Tiger Woods. After watching the first episode, and being a big Tiger fan myself, I can say the documentary is very insightful with new info about the backstory of Tigers upbringing and very well made.

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Tiger Woods’s Agent Slams HBO Documentary as "Salacious" in a New Statement

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tiger 2021 hbo wiki

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Movies I watched in Future Viewing TV.Back to top. View in: Desktop. LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. Page 1 2 3. Page 3 of 3. I agree the Masters thing really pissed me off It was difficult to watch him get arrested, that video was brutal. Replies 1. Options Top. This is all I could think of watching that. Replies 0. Yeah, I felt the same in regards to Steve.

HBO promo January 2021

Surprised to hear they don't chat even idly. They must occasionally cross paths. But I've been divorced, and there are people I lost contact with and do not seek out to communicate. I would guess that it was just a matter of putting the old Tiger in the past, and Steve just served as too much of a reminder. Especially after him winning the Master's. At this point, no one cares or really has a right to besides his family and that is their business. Is there is something wrong with that?

Earl did it. It showed the overbearing nature of his parents. Replies 2. I wish they would have went into some of the tournament competitions in more detail.

Like how they did the Phil vs. Tiger one in the first episode, I wanted to see more of that in the second. Kinda sucked. I think they could have easily done another episodes. I thought it was good, not even close to the last dance, but good. So you basically only got the views of the estranged people. We've established he's a person of color, we got it, and they had moved past it and were really getting into Tiger the person and what really was going on with these girls, then up pops Bryant Gumbel again with his "bringing the black man down" shite.

Obviously this esteemed member of the prestigious media has decided Tiger is simply black and the rest of his heritage doesn't matter A really surprising thing about Gumbel being the person who said that is how much heat he has personally taken for not seeming black enough. He has half a point in that older generations did define mixed race black people as black but Tiger is decades younger a product of a more mixed culture and was raised by an Asian woman as well as a black man.By Todd Kelly November 12, pm.

The teaser video starts with a shot of a young Tiger striping a tee shot, then spinning around like a helicopter, displaying all the youthful exuberance of a child.

Earl Woods, his father, then comes on the screen. It was originally expected to come out inperhaps during this week of the Masters. Arizona State sophomore David Puig is playing with the confidence of a fifth-year senior early on in his collegiate career. After playing …. Winning on the LPGA just got a whole lot better. But after a and-a-half-month hiatus, the …. Houston sophomore Karen Fredgaard claimed the first title of her college career on Feb.

On a cold, windy week …. The No. Michael Golding, who was posing for photos under a scoreboard bearing …. You'll now receive the top Golfweek stories each day directly in your inbox. Please enter an email address. Something went wrong. More Golfweek. From The Web. College 4hr ago Men's college golf player of the week: David Puig, Arizona State Arizona State sophomore David Puig is playing with the confidence of a fifth-year senior early on in his collegiate career.

College 5hr ago Women's college golf player of the week: Karen Fredgaard, Houston Houston sophomore Karen Fredgaard claimed the first title of her college career on Feb. Never miss a great story Start every day with our most popular content waiting in your inbox.

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Please check your email for a confirmation. Error Something went wrong.My first memory of watching Tiger Woods win a major championship was inwhen I was 11 years old. With Tiger winning the U. Open on a broken leg in an hole playoff plus an additional sudden-death holesome consider it to be the greatest golf victory of all time.

It was his 14th major championship, a remarkable accomplishment surpassed only by one other man, Jack Nicklaus. Tiger does not give an interview for the series, nor does anyone in his current inner circle. But it is perhaps the most comprehensive, and worth watching for that reason. Scandal, injury and addiction plagued Tiger in the years between major wins. The documentary alternates between golf highlights and personal stories. To be frank, the golf sections are not well produced.

This is where the absence of an interview with Tiger is most deeply felt. Five-year-old Tiger needed to focus on his golf. Stories like these set up the most intriguing part of the documentary: its portrayal of Tiger as a victim rather than a villain.

Add to this mix the siege of media attention Tiger received from a very young age, and it is no wonder that he began to look for outlets for ways to express himself freely. Parr reminisces about the fun-loving Tiger, the one who would emerge in their time spent together; at one point we see a remarkable video of Tiger dancing with some friends, Hawaiian shirt half unbuttoned, clearly without a care in the world.

In this way the documentary begins to paint an image of Tiger, the victim. When it revisits his extensive cheating scandal of the late s, we see interviews with several of the women with whom Tiger was involved.

Then it points to his recent personal transformation he has become generally more personable and fun-loving in the public eye these past few years as proof that he was never such a bad guy after all. He had a difficult upbringing but also willingly made horrible choices. He brought suffering on himself as well as others.

In other words, he is a complex man who lives at the complex intersection of deeply felt tendencies and difficult moral choices. But, these are the same people that, when he was riding high, they were pulling for him to fall.

And when he fell, they jumped on him with both feet. And when he rose again, all the sudden, he is a virtuous man now. Which, to me, is bulls--t. Your source for jobs, books, retreats, and much more. Kevin Jackson January 22, Show Comments. Join the conversation: Login or create an account. Before you can comment, you need to update your profile to include your first and last name, as required in our comments policy. Then reload this page and you'll be set up for commenting.

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